7 year old me and Sir Elton

I'm still kind of amazed I have this - the very first CD I ever bought with my own money.  I was 7 years old, and had just seen Elton John performing a song from "The Lion King" on the Disney Channel.  I was pretty entranced.  When my mom told me who he was, I remember being really impressed.  The next time we went to Media Play, I found myself at the Elton John section, and this title really stood out to me as being funny.  I bought it, and listened to it constantly.  Whenever I hear the chorus of "Teacher I Need You", I'm a kid again, sitting on our cushy green chair in the front room, and putting that song on repeat on our newfangled CD player ("you mean I don't have to fast forward OR rewind?!")
I should also mention that my second CD was whatever Coolio CD "Gangsta's Paradise" was on.