The audience shouts out a title of a musical that has never been performed before. Accompanied by a full band, the first title that the group hears becomes the title and theme for that evening’s completely improvised 60 minute musical that BWC creates on the spot.

Baby Wants Candy performs 7:30pm every Friday night at UCB Sunset in Los Angeles.

BWC has featured performers Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Stephnie Weir and Nicole Parker (MadTV), Rachel Dratch, Aidy Bryant and Seth Meyers (SNL), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen and the E St Band), Mark Pender(Max Weinberg 7), and many more.


Baby Wants Candy's condensed, 15-minutev version of their show at NACA Northeast 2010.

Cast: Joey Bland, Ross Bryant, Erica Elam, Thomas Middleditch, Tim Sniffen

Band: Dan Wessels, Kevin Florian, Chris Ditton, Doug Levin

A full performance by Baby Wants Candy from the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (at Assembly Roxy)

Cast: Erica Elam, Chris Grace, Nathan Jansen, Al Samuels, Nick Semar, Tim Sniffen, Ashley Ward

Band: Dan Wessels, Andrew Burton, Dan Reitz, Eddie Trainer, Chris Whitehouse